Knowledge Broker Blueprint 2.0Knowledge Broker Blueprint or KBB 2.0 is one of its kind training program on self-education business combined with a software program called Mindmint software. The developers (Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi & Russell Brunson) of this program left no stone unturned on their mission to make self-education a new norm.

Knowledge Is Power

There is a popular saying that “Knowledge Is Power”. Now everyone on the planet is in search of specialized knowledge. The traditional education is now failing miserably to provide livelihood & employment.

So the role of self-education now is the utmost priority for every individual to gain knowledge in a specific avenue. According to Forbes, self-education is the only hidden industry (estimated $325 billion dollars) which is going to be triple within the next five years.

So the sole idea of this program is to show you how to extract the knowledge, hobby or any expertise within you & dominate the self-education industry. Another aspect of this program is if you do not have any specialized knowledge you can act as a broker use other people’s knowledge to make a profit. In this way, you can impact other people’s lives, make a handful of money & leave a legacy.

The mastermind behind Knowledge Business Blueprint(KBB 2.0)?

knowledge broker blueprint reviewThe men who gave their heart & soul for this program are none other than Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi & Russell Brunson.  Their combined 75+ years of experience made the whole program not less than an epic in the self-education business. The good thing about this program is that they have made the content of the training program out of there own experience which they are practicing for years. Tony & Dean have laid the blueprint to become a knowledge broker. They condense the decades into days to figure out how to do a mastermind or a workshop or build a community or do a mass training.

History of Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB)

The first version of KBB 2.0 was named Knowledge Business Blueprint & now it is changed to Knowledge Broker Blueprint. One can utilize another person’s knowledge as a broker & can impact people’s lives as well as make money out of this business model.

The first version of the KBB method was first released on the 30th. April 2019. In this first launch, the response of the people was amazing. Within a short span of time around 24,000 people became members of this program to date.

Every other person who is a part of this program is now telling his success story. 875 people have submitted their feedback videos that their life has changed. So the good thing about this program is that it is already proven & constantly providing outstanding results to its members.

Some Feedbacks of the previous year students

Thousands of people with lives similar to yours have joined this movement to gain knowledge. It’s time to get off the sidelines and join them.

Just look at some of the comments they’ve gotten in their private Facebook group:*

“I should’ve had to pay $15k for this! The amount of material & knowledge received? Dean and Tony are the total class for “giving ”this away! #mindblown” – T.S.

 “Dean and Tony have me shaking, crying, laughing, having multiple breakdowns followed immediately by breakthroughs…” – Karen

“What an unbelievable collection of Wisdom and Guidance. Many thanks to Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins. Both are forces for good and inspire the whole world.” -Roni

Even if you’re not sure this is for you, I’d say join and attend anyway. When else can you see two masters like these guys live, sharing, inspiring and delivering new capabilities for a next-level of life?

What is new in KBB 2.0?

The KBB 2.0 program will be off the chart. The first version of the KBB program was of a gold standard, this has now been upgraded to platinum standard. It has been proved that people are ready to take self-education on a large scale.

Comprehensive Course

KBB program is fitted into lots of people’s lives and they are really getting benefits out of it. The entire updated version of the course consists of four modules & around 200 hours of teachings. As per the requirements, Tony & Dean have induced another 5-10 hours of additional value videos to the KBB 2.0 program.

Mindmint Software

Encouraged by the success of the Knowledge Business Blueprint, the promoters poured another half a million dollars into the software to make KBB2.0 a grand success. In addition to further development, different payment processors have been added to make the payments much easier.

Members can now use the custom domain to run their business. The website builder used inside Mindmint software is off the chart. CRM, Analytics, Accounting level have been updated to make the software fully-fledged.

You will find pre-built pages & pre-written emails done for your business. There will be a checklist for an in-person or online event so that you won’t miss anything. The new version of the software has fulfilled all the requirements which are required to start & run a workshop, group training or mastermind from scratch.

Who can use Knowledge Business Blueprint (KBB 2.0)?

If you have a special skill or expertise in any field of life or even a hobby then you can start or scale your business to the new height. By following this program you can start your business in the form of a mastermind, small group training, coaching & community training.

There are many niches where you can start your business by impacting people’s lives & at the same time make money from this knowledge industry. It is amazing that people are paying to learn specialized education in different fields. The lists of the niches are never-ending. Some of the niche ideas for the workshops or mastermind groups are mentioned below.

  • Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Health & Fitness
  • Photography
  • Digital marketing
  • Finance
  • Cryptocurrency & Share trading
  • Hobby
  • Office productivity
  • IT & Software
  • Personality Development
  • Music & Art
  • Parenting
  • Lifestyle
  • Teaching & Academics

Anybody having zero knowledge of the education industry also can now start their own business with the combined help of the KBB 2.0 course & the Mindmint software.  You can start your business as a Knowledge Broker or Reporter by utilizing other people’s knowledge. One of the modules of KBB 2.0 describes this great business model.

This business model is way faster than writing a book, creating a course or being a consultant in terms of impacting people’s lives & even making more profit. Those who are already in the self-education business can scale their business within a short span of time. You can grow your business exponentially by adopting the secret strategy & tool mentioned in the KBB 2.0 program.

What is inside the KBB 2.0 program

Once you are inside the member’s area you will have immediate access to the course & the Mindmint software. You going to join the KBB Private Facebook group & register for the Mindmint software while you are inside the KBB member’s area.

Incredibly Designed 6 Module Training Course: “The Knowledge Broker Blueprint” (KBB) that teaches you to:

  • Confidently extract what you’re good at
  • Build your online or in-person curriculum + use our tools.
  • Identify your ideal client hungry for what you know
  • Confidently run impactful online or in-person events
  • Access to the Private KBB Facebook Community
  • The In-Depth KBB Workbook
  • Your Bonus Box of goodies mailed to you, and much more!

1. Mindset Mastery

Prepare you to work on your first project with the right mindset.

2. Extraction & Discovery

In this module, they are going to teach on how to extract your knowledge or expertise within you and put it into a workshop or mastermind.  Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi put their whole life experience to find out your expertise to make a whole new event. The following lessons are included inside the first module.

You should feel guilty if you don’t extract what you know and share it with the people. Well if you die with knowledge in your head that means you’re doing a disservice to the world. Self-education is going to fix the broken education system. Tony Robbin & Dean Graziosi want to extract what you know & share it with other people. They want you to make an impact on their lives and they want you to make money and do it over and over and have the greatest opportunity in the world to make impact and profits.

3. Marketing Mastery

In this module, you learn how to run a mastermind group smoothly. What are the ways to run a virtual as well as in-person event successfully? The action steps include a detailed step by step checklist from start to end of an event.

4. Generating The Right Leads

This module go through detail on how to market your mastermind or workshop to targeted people.

5. Running Your Event With Confidence

This step is really an important step for any mastermind business. It does not matter how well you have prepared your mastermind agenda or provided world-class content for your client. You have to market your event successfully. You will make more profit only when your event will run with full strength. The first lesson of this module will teach you how to be a marketing expert prior to being an event organizer. Apart from this, you will learn about funnels & different pages to market your mastermind group. In the last lesson of this module, you will learn about the launch secret.

6. Knowledge Consultant & Broker

This module teaches you how to partner with someone & does have a funneling. In this module, you will learn how to help them extract their knowledge & put on a small group, workshop or a mastermind.

There are different lessons inside each module & each lesson consists of a group of sessions. In each session, they have videos and other tools to make learning more enjoyable. They have action steps, transcripts, audio & tools, etc. under each video.

MindMint Software – Your Implementation Tool

  • 12 full months of the Mindmint “Secret Weapon” software (they spent over $900,000 to create)
  • Build your online agenda with complete clarity
  • Create your agenda, website and much more with our “made easy” page builder
  • Get your virtual checklist so you can run an event like a boss

Knowledge Broker Blueprint 2.0 price

The price of the KBB 2.0 course is $1997. The course includes the Mindmint software cost for 12 months. You can also purchase the training program through 4 monthly payments of $597. You can save 20% by choosing to pay through PayPal credit. The price covers free access to the private KBB Facebook group & live monthly training with Dean.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Bonus

Here is the fact, they offer you have right now is going away for good which is true. The offer they created during the launch is never available in any other place. You get 12 months of software free rather than 6 months. You won’t get these unless you are a part of it.

Here’s All Of These AWESOME Bonuses:

  • BONUS #1: Tony’s Bonus To Be Determined
  • BONUS #2: In-depth course walkthrough: Work LIVE with Dean and his team as he walks you through all 6 modules of the course, week by week for 6 weeks to help you confidently complete it and become a Knowledge Broker! And then…
  • BONUS #3: Live Celebration Event + Bonus Next Level Training: Join Dean and fellow Knowledge Brokers for a first-ever LIVE Virtual Celebration Event, where we will celebrate your progress and Dean will give you a bonus training on next-level sales strategies so you can go faster
  • BONUS #4: KBB Welcome Box: Get a Welcome Box shipped to your door with all kinds of KBB goodies including a KBB coffee mug and pen, a hardcover copy of Dean’s “Winning State of Mind” training, workbooks for every module of KBB and more
  • BONUS #5: SURPRISE Bonus From Russell Brunson: From the guy who started one of the fastest-growing, non-VC backed SaaS companies in the world – learn his secret to nonstop new client flow!

And the BRAND NEW *OMG* Bonus → 2-hour intensive training with Dean Graziosi and new mom, entrepreneur and butt-kicker Jenna Kutcher on how to find the time in today’s busy world, complete this course and get your first mastermind up and running in 30 days or less… POW!!!!

Final Verdict

As the self-knowledge industry is growing exponentially, it is the high time to tap into this market right now before it is too late. As we have discussed the Knowledge Broker Blueprint 2.0 (KBB 2.0) is the one & only course which is appropriate for any niche & any person around the globe. So we highly recommend all our readers to jump on the board without any single thought.

Join KBB 2.0 Now!